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November 2017

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Meathead Mondays: Vin Diesel

November 20, 2017

I honestly debated saving my Vinny till later, just to savor the slow burn of my readers’ anticipation oh my GOD I am joking you were not waiting for this post but you’re reading it anyway and I thank you for that, it makes me feel relevant.

There was truly no way I would skip my precious hard-boiled-egghead bb Mr. Diesel, whom I adore with the fire of a thousand suns and zero shirt sleeves, and given the Fast and Furious beef that has now extended into a second year, I figured this is as good a time as any to talk about my fuel-efficient commercial trucker of a person.

[Aside: Vin’s got one or two crappy interviews under his belt with female interviewers where he calls them beautiful and they’re just trying to do their jobs: I’m not psyched or defending those, all your faves are problematic, etc etc] Continue Reading…

Nerding, Personal

Meathead Mondays: Chris Hemsworth

November 6, 2017

Hey friends.  Here is the first post in a series I will be doing called “Meathead Mondays.”  In this series, I will be discussing my personal favorite muscle-y, earnest action movie heroes, and what better way to start than with Chris Hemsworth, currently starring in Thor: Ragnarok, and frankly, knocking it out of the goddamn park.  Seriously if you haven’t seen this frenetic hilarious masterpiece just go, now. Continue Reading…