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February 2017


Satellite radio channels that I wish existed

February 8, 2017

So I got into a minor car accident two days before Christmas, and since my car is off getting its bumper and taillights and some other car parts I don’t know fixed, I have a rental.  It is a 2017 Kia Soul, so I currently got Soul but I’m not a soldier.  I’m not sorry.

Anyway, the car comes with satellite radio, and I love it and I also should not be trusted with it, because my first instinct was to change every preset to the hair bands station.  After getting over this impulse, I found allllll the stations, including Pop2k, which is the hits from the first decade of the millennium and contains every feeling I’ve ever had.  Gosh, that station is great, and I discovered I still know Missy’s verse in “1, 2 Step” despite not ever shaking it like jello or making the boys say hello.  Gosh darn that’s a great song.  The stations are good times and they are pretty baller with their themes (including Hair Nation… I like Def Leppard more than I should STOP JUDGING ME), but I can definitely think of some they missed.

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