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Meathead Mondays: Joe Manganiello

April 30, 2018

Awwww yes we back we back.  I’m… I’m assuming you missed this?  Anyway.

Andrew and I went to see Rampage the week of its release, because I am a Dwayne Johnson fangirl and would watch him raise alternating eyebrows for 110 minutes, and it was fun!  Like a solid B, B+ monster movie with exceptional-looking monster CGI and it was worth the ticket price.  Obviously, my perfect bald bb (WHO NOW HAS ANOTHER LITTLE BABY EEEE) was wonderful in it, but this week, I am not here to talk about him.  I am here to talk about another gentleman in Rampage, and that is Mr. Joseph Manganiello.

This guy.  This GUY.  He looks like if you could wish a romance cover into life and then took you on a hike.  His role in Rampage is uh, not significantly longer than what was in the trailer.  He’s alive and on-screen for like ten total minutes and he’s just deliciously rugged and absurd and I don’t even know why he took this role but it is great!!!  He fights a huge wolf! I hope it is a smug reference to his werewolf role on True Blood! Because this guy has a goddamn fine arts degree from goddamn Carnegie Mellon with Shakespeare theater training and he was like “yeah sure I’ll carry a gun in the woods for 8 minutes and fight a wolf.” Let me continue to explain why I love him so much. Continue Reading…